Whilst the helmet is one of the most important pieces and one that displays well on its own it’s only one piece of a puzzle of hundreds. The soft parts are the base layer of the costume so they’re pretty important. I can’t sew worth anything but thankfully I know someone who can; Mums, is there anything they can’t do?

This is still a work in progress and one of the biggest challenges was finding a suitable material for the flak vest with that weird quality that makes it slightly shiny. I’ve had a couple of vests from some of the more highly regarded makers but each had some shortcomings in one way or another and none were made from a fabric I found satisfactory; tackle twill is what a lot of people have gone for but it’s far too heavy and stiff. The basic flightsuit is one of Bobamaker’s which has been altered so the collar is integral as per the originals. The flak vest is coming along nicely so here are a few shots of the work and of where it sits today…