We’re interested in prop replicas and collectibles and have a special focus on Star Wars, especially the character ‘Boba Fett’.

Nothing on our site is for sale; we’re enthusiasts only.


Check these links for sites we like. All provide detailed pictures and discussions:

1). The Prop Den

If you want to Know about Darth Vader then you want this site. The knowledge the guys on this site have about all things DV is scary and the tiniest details are discussed exhaustingly.

2). The RPF

For all general prop and costuming info; it’s so big it can’t be easily defined.

This is an enormous site with over 110000 members, 150000 threads, and nearly 3 million posts; it covers just about every franchise going. It’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness; it’s size. There’s some good stuff in here but there’s also a lot of mediocrity. Make sure you take a map because it’s easy to get lost in there… for days.

3). The MPPC Forum

If you’re looking for a more refined option then go to this site for more prop madness.

This is smaller site with a small membership but if you have questions then someone here will answer them in an informative and constructive way. You may not get an answer straight away but when it comes it will be even handed and objective. There are some real experts residing here and there’s a strong Boba Fett focus. Love this site.

4).  The Dented Helmet

If you love Boba Fett, like we do, then you really should consider joining this site. We did.

TDH is another big site with 10000+ members, here you’ll find all sorts of Boba Fett Builds and information from the super accurate to Halloween fun. The members are friendly and helpful so don’t worry about jumping straight in; the gallery is amazing.

5). Rebelscum Forums

This site is for Star Wars Collecting of ALL kinds.

The prop section is on the smaller side and leans strongly towards the licensed product, which is no bad thing and there are some great people and some great content here.